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Jan 27, 2019

Media coverage of the Covington Catholic High School kids was  outrageously unprofessional and devoid of journalistic integrity.

The corruption of the news media was exposed by the coverage.

Celebrity comments about the kids were a disgrace.

Attitudes of the left toward MAGA hats are bigoted.



Jan 20, 2019

The left's overreaction to President Trump serving fast food to the National Champion Clemson Tigers

The hypocrisy of the press in covering President Trump versus President Obama

Gillette's advertisement attacking toxic masculinity

Too many attacks on masculinity

What do Democrat's mean when they reference border...

Jan 13, 2019

Why doesn't much of Hollywood like the movie Green Book?

Companies dropping advertising on Tucker Carlson under pressure are associating with the suppression of speech

Update re Broward County Sheriff in wake of Stoneman Douglas investigation

Publications essentially engage in the laundering of reports and facts


Jan 6, 2019

The Chinese Social Credit System is disturbing

In essence we are in the early stages of such a system in America, but administered by corporations rather than government!

Two Democrat politicians, Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, deal with issues regarding likability, one quite well and the other quite...