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Nov 30, 2020

Supreme Court smacks down NY Governor Cuomo

Justice Gorsuch blunt concurring opinion

New Trump Election challenge developments 

Pennsylvania developments

Nov 23, 2020

Was there Election Fraud?

What are Trump's chances to win his election challenge?

The impact of the internet on journalism

Wild Sidney Powell developments

Nov 15, 2020

Timing for when we will learn about voter and election fraud 

Frightening globalist environmental criminal prosecution proposal 

The Republican Populist future

Nov 8, 2020

Trump challenges vote counts in multiple states

Ballot and election fraud alleged 

Hammer & Scorecard software

Senate election results

Nov 1, 2020

My election predictions

Democrats & the Left are aligned & have gone insane

Censorship & suppressing speech

Big tech 

Is New Mexico in play for Trump?