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Sep 27, 2020

Political impact of Judge Amy Coney Barrett nomination

Why didn't President Trump pick Judge Lagoa?

Florida Governor DeSantis smart law and order proposals and lifting of virus restrictions


Sep 20, 2020

Inspirational Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Antonin Scalia story

Impact of RBG death on election

Democrat reaction undermines Biden advertising

Most likely candidate to replace RBG

Barrett or Lagoa?

Sep 13, 2020

Democrats trying to punish police unions and reward others

Trump well positioned in south Florida

Pennsylvania Republican boost

CNN Flubs Biden interview then recovers

Sep 6, 2020

How would it sound if the election to this point were a horse race?

How is this election like a specific episode of Seinfeld?

Recent successes for which President Trump received far too little credit.

UAE, Israel, Serbia, Kosovo and California wildfires