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Feb 21, 2021

Rush Limbaugh tribute

Interview with Editor of University of Chicago Conservative student paper Chicago Thinker

Conservatives on Campus

Suppression of speech on campus

Diversity of thought

Republican divisions on campus



Feb 15, 2021

Trump Impeachment Win

Impeachment as a movie scene from Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Ducklo resigns

Is Journalism back?

China population plunging


Feb 7, 2021

Impeachment is unjustified and unconstitutional 

Stripping MTG of her committee assignments will blow back on Democrats after coming elections

Dems who've said worse than MTG

Hollywood is blacklisting again


Feb 1, 2021

Wild ride on the market for Gamestop

Establishment protecting the hedge funds

Will Trump Run?

Hopeful Republican future 


Jan 24, 2021

Biden Inauguration Speech

Biden isn't really seeking unity

What Biden should have said

America's history should unite us, not divide us